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We have you covered. Artist booking. Management. Digital Label. PR. Events.

Creative music promotion

It's all about you.

We’re not your average booking agency – or management company. In fact, we’re not anywhere close to what you’re familiar with. We cover “average” and take you beyond that. 

We introduce you to the newest viral methods and trends. We show you new strategies and software that works – and manage it for you.

We’re a full-service agency covering your needs online from A-Z.

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Artist Management.

With a lot of commitment and passion, we accompany artists on their way to success.

We are a promoter and booking agency that help artists develop their talents and find their grounds by playing live. We strive to get the artists on the stage as often as possible to get the exposure, promotion and publicity they rightfully deserve. We launch our talents and artists into the atmosphere (yes, with a rocket 🚀) and without any obstacles.

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Artist Booking.

We work with promising talents and artists to effectively promote their careers. Our flexible environment allows us optimal support, personally and differently from case to case.

We offer booking and artist management services to the artists, enabling an overall professional and productive atmosphere. We believe that we can take our artists not only to the moon but also to Mars.

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Have you always wanted to hold an event in space? We are a 360° agency with years of experience and expertise in the event sector and we have a large network. We are able to organise events from large to small in the entertainment field. We offer a complete solution with all-round support. We take care of everything an event needs, from the overall concept to the booking of the content, from F&B concepts and implementation of technology.

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PR. Media.

We provide our talents and artists with digital Music PR campaigns, local and national radio plugging as well as playlist promotion. 

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We advise brand partners in strengthening their activations in the digital music sector and find the appropriate strategic positioning. With a focus on quality and efficiency, brands are emotionalised and digital campaigns are developed. We create unique content to the rhythm of the target group: brands and experiences come together and emotions are brought closer to your audience. We also believe in partnerships outside our solar system. Take the journey with us.

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Consulting. Strategy.

We advise artists and brand partners in value creation strategies, innovation and digital transformation. We believe in building bridges between artist’s assets and startegies to help evolve their sound and image for their successful future.